Saturday Night Takeaway Is Back


Saturday Night Takeaway Is Back! Well, it's the news that you've all been eagerly waiting for and we can now reveal that Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway returns on 14th February! So if you don't have a hot date lined up for St. Valentine's Day, fear not as your Saturday evenings are about to get a whole lot more exciting. We have put up an exclusive behind the scenes of the SNTA trailer for the new series in our video section. Shot in a house in north London back on their first working day of the year, Ant & Dec explain the goings on and reveal the finished product. 

Now, if you've ever tuned in and shouted at the telly in frustration during Win The Ads and Grab The Ads, now's your chance to take part. Grab The Ads is an incredible home viewer game where someone on the phone could win any item that's been advertised on ITV that week - anything from a car to a bar of soap! Win The Ads is the amazing competition that sees one member of the studio audience given the opportunity to win the contents of up to 20 adverts from an ITV ad break! To enter yourself for either of these competitions on the first show all you have to do is fill in the application form HERE. Also the team that brings you Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway need you to set-up your friends and family, live on the new series! What do mice like? Cheese! Yes, the big cheese of games - The Mousetrap is back! You can give someone you know the chance to be surprised live on TV and run The Mousetrap to win a cash prize! It's easy cheesy...simply go to for details on how to secretly nominate the person of your choice and who knows they could be taking on the mousetrap maze.

As ever on Takeaway, they are looking for new people to set-up as part of our studio audience each week. If you know someone who would love being thrown into the limelight, and enjoys being surprised in the most unusual of ways, we want you to secretly nominate them now! Details of the specific types of people we're currently looking to set-up on the new series can be found on the official Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway website at Restrictions may apply. Please go to for full details.

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  • YES! Thankyou for coming back on our screens especially in Febuary! - so soon :)
    I will be tuning in, you guys make up our evenings for the weekend :D
    wish i could come see you two live :( x


  • Heyy ..x

    I know Ant keeps winning but Dec ill always be behind you ;) COME ON TEAM DEC :D
    I've applied for tickets so hopefully c u there whatever happens im coming to the studios on 14th to hopefully see you both outside mayb rehearsing Ant vs Dec the teams :D

    Love you loads

    Becky ..x.. (blonde one with pink cowboy hat at Britains Got Talent ;))

    Becky loves Ant & Dec

  • hi Ant and Dec, I am really happy that my fave show Saturday Night Takeaway is back on the 14th Feb! I have applied for 2 tickets for myself and my best friend and I was also brave enough to enter the win the ads competition so hopefully you will see me and my friend there I am keeping my fingers crossed love Abby xx


  • i can't wait! ANT YOU'RE SOOOOO GONNA WIN! love you two to bits! life without saturday night takeaway just isn't the same.


  • I know I haven't a chance of getting a phone call, since I'm in the US (and boy, has your name recognition gone up here.) But I'm still hoping, and I plan to figure out how to get that teleporter going so I can come over and watch the show live, even just on the tellyl

    Dana Franks

  • Ant you HAVE to win this time! It is just boring now watching Dec win :D

    So glad the show is coming back! I can get phennomma again (yes I can't spell that :D)
    X X X X


  • Ant WILL win this time. Bring on the boys xxx


  • i cant wait, i loooooove SNTA i love everything you guys do..xx


  • hi boys cant wait 4 the takeaway luved it the last year and ill loove it this year. iv got my boyfrend to get me a calender of you's two and he got me 1 bt he wernt happy p.s love you dec cant wait to see youxxxx(i love u 2 ant but in a dif way)


  • Heylo lads!

    I am sooo excited that Saturday Night Takeaway is coming back to my screen! Even more excited than meeting my new boyfriend on Friday :D

    But it is starting on a great night: valentines day.

    Love you loadssssssssssssssss sssssssss

    LouLaBelle xxxxx


  • Hiya lads !
    Great to hear Saturday Night Takeaway is back on February 14th.
    I love the show,it's such a great entertainment show and Saturday nights need that at the moment !
    I love the start of the show, before the titles where you normally do a sketch in the canteen or somewhere else.It is fab and you guys are both great at it,very funny.I also love the sketches after you come down the stairs,this is you two at your very best !
    Ant vs Dec is another favourite of mine.You both really throw yourselves into the challenges and have fun,it's great to watch.
    I would quite like it if you did Ant and Dec vs celebrities as it would be good to see the two of you working together at a challenge against someone else.
    Whatever is on the show though I will love it as it always delivers.You lads are the best.
    Love to you


  • ohhh cool can u do a video at the london shows on wednesday or thursday please?? Me and my friend will look very pink with our cowboy hats and we have BGT t shirts made aswell saying Ant & Dec are talent :D
    Love you loads Ant & Dec
    Send my luv 2 Lisa xxxxxxxx

    Becky loves Ant & Dec

  • i went to britians got talent to lol it was real good and you was recording us x x x great fun but when are the vids being put up


  • hi :) i went to britains got talent today and you done a video on the audience and said it would be on here...cant find it lol. IM A BIG FAN XX


  • Hi boys, glad your back, saw you on the first show last year and it was a winner, in more ways than one! 'I just can't wait for Saturday' xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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