'Next stop live Semi-finals!'


So there we have it! After seven weeks of auditions we've got our 45 semi-finalists for 2012! After tonight’s deliberations they’ve all been told ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. It has been one helluva tear fest and emotional rollercoaster…
During the last round of auditions we met Aquabatique, the synchronised swimmers who took us out into the cold and rain (thanks for that) for our first ever outdoor audition.
Britain's Got Talent: Aquabatique
We saw the one-and-only Martyn Crofts (and his saucepan), whose dream is bigger than just winning little ole’ Britain’s Got Talent – HIS dreams are all about opening Skipton Gala. You see kids, no dream is too big.

There was Gatis Kandis, the comedian - originially from Latvia, but now lives in West London (near Sainsburys, to be precise). The Judges thought he was the unfunniest funny man they’d ever seen, which was quite a compliment…(we think!).
Britain's Got Talent: Gatis
There was our contortionist Lucky (wowsers!), Michael Fish the drummer (not the weatherman), our shaven-headed soulstress Rachel Knowland, Greig Stewart the Thereminist (we thought he said therapist, Dec started to unload!) and Brynolf and Ljung, the magicians with Duct tape, among others.
As ever, the variety on BGT has been brilliant, and at the end of all the auditions, the panel had to get the 169 completely different acts that they'd put through down to just 45. Rather them than us…
Britain's Got Talent: Michael Fish
There was a lot of deliberating, a LOT of arguing and a few controversial decisions. It took aaaaaaaages for them all to agree but they did it. The nerves and excitement whilst we all waited for the final decisions were incredible - each and every act begins to realise the live Semi's are within touching distance. They're just one step away from performing for your votes and they really start to want it.  And now those decisions have been made, we are ready for a week of Non. Stop. Talent!
It’s mayhem backstage at the Britain’s Got Talent live shows. Not only do we have the acts that are on that night, but each day we rehearse acts that are coming up later in the week as well. There are costumes everywhere, dancers, backing singers, musicians, people in hair rollers wandering around, agents, managers, TV execs and of course nervous acts all waiting for showtime.
Britain's Got Talent: Brynolf & Ljung
We remember each and every one from our backstage chats with them, so it’s nice to see them all again, but you can hardly move back there for all the bodies and paraphernalia! And apparently this year there are backstage cameras streaming all of that so you can see some of it too.

So that’s it! Next stop LIVE SEMI-FINALS! We cannot wait to get going.  We’ll be tweeting all week from the studio and giving you all our show recaps and backstage shenanigans so keep an eye on our twitter for updates. Let us know what you think about all the performances and of course the Judges’ decisions – we love hearing what you make of it all each night.

Oh, and look out for the start of the first live show (Sunday night) to see how we and the acts make our way to the studio on an average day….!

See you on the telly!
A & D
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  • Hello Ant and Dec
    I really have to say most of the acts are so rubbish and some are really good but not brillent at all, this year is not the best year out of the old ones When Divuserty, Geroge Samson, Paul Pots and Susan Boyle those where the best years of BGT Last year and this year are the worst years you have had for BGT with the one's that are really good are still good talent. those one's should of been in the show more than the worst one's
    I have to say i have been watching the show but i still do not like it. and the Fianl as well. I have to say The wrong person won in the end (2012)
    It would be the same as Geroge Samson not getting fair at all becouse it would be boring becouse there is nothing eles to do with the dog, he might be to old to it in the end. a bit like with George Samson I really think it was a bad chose to have to win and it was not the best of the night at all. it was Jonathan and Charlotte was the best of the night and they really disevre to win

    Helen Dodd

  • Great show last night , the right acts got through who I liked yay., ESP Ashleigh and Pudsey. And the sync swimmers. I am looking forward to the live shows now , love u both Ant xxxx and Dex xxxx, love Abby xx


  • I like the new bgt because theres more backstage stuff and moreof you two :')) x


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