La Bamba, the bonkers & the brilliant


What a start to this week’s show! We think that is possibly the funniest show opening we’ve ever had on Britain’s Got Talent. Michael Graham Blackledge came on to play the organ, but on the day it wasn’t really about his organ (ahem), it was just HIM the Judges loved! He had us rolling in the aisles in Blackpool… Anybody who act can be described by Simon as being “A bit like vanilla ice cream with a sausage” is going to go down well in our opinion. Plus, he met his wife in Rimmers Music Shop, which sounds like a special place for starters. Everybody out there who watched the show, we bet you’ve had La Bamba going round your heads ever since Graham’s bit?! Just try to get it out of your mind – you’ll fail! “Parabailarlabamba!” See!

Britain's Got Talent: Graham Blackledge

Then it all went a bit weird this week. 28-year-old Geisha Davis cast a bit of a shadow over the auditions and everything went slightly mad after that! She described herself as an 'Artist' then basically proceeded to sing Humpty Dumpty. Badly. You can’t really explain her act other than that. She claimed her performance had a message for the world but it transpired to be, 'Don't do what Humpty Dumpty did'. Er thanks! But somehow she seemed to put a spell on the Judges. She just fixed them with a steely glare - and went through! Everything went a bit bizarre after that, as you may have noticed…


Britain's Got Talent: Geisha


We also saw another example this week of just how nerve-wracking the BGT auditions really are. In the last show we had Marea Smythson battling her nerves, and this week we had it again with 9-year-old Malaki Paul. He collapsed in tears half way through his act and we all thought it was the end of his audition. But his mum came on, gave him a big hug and he ended up bringing the house down! 


Britain's Got Talent: Malaki Paul


But will the Judges think he’ll be able to handle the live Semi-finals? Well, we won't have to wait long to find out because next week the panel will be deliberating, and we’ll then reveal who our Semi-finalists are ahead of the first live show!!


So it’s all go. But before WE go there’s just time to answer a few more of your questions from Facebook. Loads of you have been asking what our acts would be if we had to audition on the show...

Ant says : I would see how far I could skid across the stage in my socks. No one’s ever auditioned with a stage-skidding act you see, so we think there’s a gap in the market there.

Dec: Well you may have noticed that I can wiggle my bum pretty well, so maybe I could be a great addition to someone else’s act – a bit like poet lady Barbara was with Bradley in the ‘dancetry’ audition we had the other week!?


Sasha McLoughlin-Hughe asks: “When you were a child, what did you always wish to do as a career when you were older??? :P x”

A: I wanted to be an actor.

D: I wanted to be a footballer or a policeman. Thinking about it, I could have played part time football at a low level and done both. Missed a trick there!


But when it comes to big decisions, Katiee-Donnelly AntandDeccer Westlifer Thatter, you can’t ask us to pick between football and golf! We choose both! You just can’t pick. Fact.


Right, we’re off. Thanks so much for all your comments. Keep them coming!


And remember… Ba La Ba La Ba La BAMBA! (sorry).

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  • I agree with you, it was the best show last night and I really danced with La Bamba :) don't know why Simon said No!! He was a brilliant musician,singer and he was funny either anyway he is the best judg and he know what to say :P. I also liked Molly's voice she was incredible and Malaki makes me fly with emotion. thank you guys to give us a chance to put our views ;)


  • I love BGT Its so good

    Siobhan Neill

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