Time for Red or Black?


After a summer of excitement and build up Red or Black? is finally here. Tonight on ITV Ant & Dec will host the show which will see one lucky contestant win through the rounds to get to the final and make the decision of a lifetime - Red or Black?

Ant:  Viewers will get to see big spectacular games, stunts, special guests, celebrity performances and very nervous contestants!  Dec: It's a rollercoaster of emotions really.  Every show starts with around 1000 people and by the end of each show, for one person it will come down to a spin of a wheel.  They could go home with a million pounds or they'll go home with nothing, every night is going to be different, but spectacular.   

Ant: We’re really excited about the live shows, its going to be edge of your seat telly! Every contestant comes with a different strategy or theory. We’ve had people who’ve said they’ve had relatives coming to them in dreams and visions telling them what colour to pick!
Dec:  We also had a lot of people winging it on the day, who’d say, ‘I saw a man with a red umbrella earlier so I’m going to go red’.  There were so many different and usual strategies but you’ve just got to be lucky.  We’re looking forward to that million pound spin at the end of each live show.   Its just going to be such a tense moment, I can’t quite imagine it yet!  

Dec:  The Red or Black Arena games are just amazing.  We've had flying motorcyclists and human pinball, but I think we had the most fun travelling the country with the contestants, filming in some really beautiful and pretty locations.  We got to see the contestants playing big games and got to know them a bit more.  You start investing emotionally in them. Ant:  You start caring about them, by the end when we've spent hours and hours with them you want them all to succeed but or course they can't.  

Ant:  We got to play one of the games at Wembley Arena, its called Strike Out and it's the one that Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie play but I was rubbish at that, Dec was quite good though and hit a couple of the targets. Dec:  I did hit a couple of the targets but it was so hard, my leg was aching, my back was aching, it was really tough!  

Don't miss the show which begins tonight on ITV1 at 7PM

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  • Hi ant and dec how are you well done on red or black see you when u are back on tv I love ant but mum love dec

    Ellen bartlett

  • Thank you so much for finally getting Twitter guys! :D Lovely to see you on there! xxx

    Chloe Smith

  • I simply love ant and dec,I wish that more of their programmes could be broadcasted in south africa! ... Keep up the amazing work guys! Love u both :) :) xoxo

    Kameshwhri Moonsamy

  • Happy Belated Birthday. xxx


  • HAPPY BRTHDAY DEC!! love from Sweden xx


  • Happy birthday Dec x

    kayleigh kavanagh

  • Love you guys, but why on earth do you keep doing third rate game shows? You are much better than that. You should be hosting a "genuine" variety show like
    Morecambe & Wise used to do.


  • I can see it in Ants eyes when he was looking at the baby, Ant really wants a baby he really wants to be a dad. A very beautiful baby will come soon Ant and you will be a brilliant dad :') ..And of course, it says "ANT" in the word "Brilliant" (So that makes Ant automatically BRILLIANT!!) I love you Sweetie x


  • When this shows finish and later on, you should do another show about the winners to see what they've been up to and what they've had with the money :)


  • i can't belive you went to roundhay park, i only live a few miles away from leeds. loving red or black fantasic show and going to check my local paper the wetherby news next week you both may be in it. keep up with the great work


  • good havin ye back on tv hope ye are doin im a celebrity GET ME OUT OF HERE


  • really enjoying red or black its great having u back on tv. hope i meet u both soon really missing you both. Dec stay strong sweetie, your dad will be so proud of you as we all are love you to bits .

    lisa murray

  • Loving Red or Black it is so tense. You are both so good looking :) Hope I can meet you both one day. It is so good to have you back on TV. xxxx




  • Show is fantastic, well done, enjoying watching and playing along. Love to you both especially Dec and his family this now. xxx


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