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So that's it! The auditions are over! The judges have chose the final 40... it's time for the LIVE semi-finals!! Are your favourites there? Have the judges made any mistakes? Let us know whether you think they have made they made the right decisions or not... But, what a final set of last auditions we had! There were the Barrow Boys, who got two buzzers and then had them both removed, which is the first time that has ever happened! We had Julia Naidenko the belly dancer who had about ten yes's, and two more from us! 

We had 'Nick Hell', who was Hell by name and Hell by nature - let's just say Dec didn't warm to him , he couldn't actually watch that one from the side of the stage; made him a bit queasy, but he definitely gave us something very different. Kieran Gaffney, the 12 year old drummer, (who looked liked like a young Adrian Chiles! Don't you think!?) was brilliant. He's only been drumming for one year but he was absolutely amazing. There was Fred Bowers, the 73 year old break-dancer.

When he told us what he did, we didn't know what he was going to break...his hips or his leg! He got three yes's but did have to have a little sit down afterwards to get his breath back! And how could we forget Martin Matcham, the guitarist with a fancy pants light up guitar and the mother in law from Hell who put Simon firmly in his place. All of those guys, among others, made the last audition show the best one yet. Now though it starts to get serious. We go into the live semi-finals and we couldn't be more excited. You already know that we love live television, and every night we're going to get swept up in Britain's Got Talent fever! The first live semi- final is going to be an absolute corker; here's the line up Diversity Sue Son Darth Jackson Natalie Okri Julia Naidenko Nick Hell Faces of Disco Susan Boyle Which two will go through? It's hard to say. We'll be giving you all the gossip from behind the scenes during this semi-final week so keep checking back for updates. Also, we hope you all like the chocolate challenges, keep all your challenges coming in and we'll give them a bash, we had a right laugh doing them and we cannot wait to show you the next one...just wait!

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Ant and Dec 

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  • my daughter loves ant and dec, and would love to get her to meet them,i think they are great to, but just would love my daughter to meet them, she would love it, any ideas guys, leave a message, she,s 12. xxx


  • Hi Ant and Dec, loved the show last night! I thought faces of disco were good, lots of love Jaimie-Lee xxx


  • DIVERSITYYY !!!!! :p


  • I cant believe that they but that NICK HELL through and left the young drummer KEIRAN GAFFNEY out !!! He was awesome and they destroyed his dreams how could they, Loving - Diversity , Susan Boyle , faces of disco.
    Hating - Nick Hell

    Ffion maddox

  • Yes that should be 100%, althrough in this case it could well be 1005%!


  • Hi, can't believe some of the acts that made it through, not sure how I did with my list will find out as the week goes on as hard to tell who got through and who didn't. I couldn't watch Nick Hell on Saturday or last night couldn't believe he got through, I agree 1005 with Simon (which I don't think he'll hear very often)


  • Hi..
    Two great shows the last couple of nights :)

    The last auditions:

    The Barrow Boys were very entertaining and to have 2 buzzers removed as well. Julia was good, bellydancing is definately a talent but not enough to win. Although i loved your attempt at it Dec lol. Nick Hell's act is one where you don't want to look but you have to lol, it was painful to watch and i'm not surprised that Dec wasn't looking. Kieran was very's like what Simon said about when you think of kids playing the drums you don't exactly expect them to be good but he was. Fred was fun to watch, good for him for having a go lol. I was surprised when he said that he had been break-dancing for 5 yrs..i thought it would have been longer and that he didn't want to stop lol. Martin had a very literally flashy guitar and i really enjoyed your attempt at air-guitaring lol. Oh and that guy who crossed eating apples with juggling lol..seeing your reactions made it even funnier. I was very happy with the fin


  • Hey Ant and Dec
    BGT was amazing on saturday and this week all ill be talking about is BGT! I loved Kieran Gaffney the drummer he was AMAZING and Fred Bowers was soo funny to watch :) . The barrow boys were very lucky to get through...Simon just doesnt give people a chance to get to the good bits of their act. Dont worry Dec your not the only one that couldnt watch Nick Hell he made me cringe! I think that the judges made the right decisions exept the man who thinks hes a saxaphone... anyone could do that!
    Loving the chocolate challenges, keep them coming :) you should do the one where you put an after 8 on your forehead and you have to get it into your mouth without using your hands, ive done it, its sooo funny!
    Cant wait to see who the winner of BGT will be!
    Loads of Love


  • I cannot beleive the darth Jackson had gone through and NOT the drummer - he was so good!

    Helen James

  • i loved the last of the audition shows =P that drummer kid was amazing!!
    i thought the line up for last night was brilliant!!
    i apsolutely loved Faces of Disco especially when they did an impression of you two =P it was soooo funny
    anyway am glad Susan Boyle and Diversity got through they were awesome!! but awww poor Natalie when she started to cry =[ i felt so sorry for her i just wanted to give her a big hug =P
    lmao on BGMT when Steven made you both do that Fererro Rocher challenge again!! hehe a shame you didn't break the world record though =/ but it was hilarious when you both threw them at Steven!! lmao when one hit him in the eye =P i couldn't stop laughing hehe =P
    i can't wait til tonights show!! i hope Flawless get through [fingers crossed] am looking forward to seeing yous again too =P you were brill last night [as always] =P
    loads of love
    Kat xxxx


  • Great first semi-final guys !
    Can I also just say,loved the suits.All that trying on was worth it ! Ant's tie was cool.
    You both were great as usual,very good at live presenting,as always.Also very funny.
    You are both great with all the different types of acts/people and have a very genuine,warm way about you.Must be that Geordie charm !! Dec was very sweet to Natalie.
    Good luck with the rest of the week,you are both fantastic and lovely lads.
    Love to you


  • Hi Guys,
    Great show last night. I loved Diversity,they were abolutely amazing. I also loved the eating challege on ITV2, you'r both so competitive its hilarious.
    How about Peanut M&Ms or After Eights for an eating challenge.Thats just a little something for you boys to think about along with the Minsrels and Malteasers that Abby suggested.
    Talk soon.
    Love Claire xxoo
    P.s. Last night when Julia the Bellydancer was on stage talking to you both, I thought that Dec along with Peirs and Simon were going to go running off after her.

    Chocolate EClaire

  • OMG , i am glad tht diversity and flawless got through
    they have both got my vote . can't wait till the next semi final
    love you both ant and dec .


  • i would love to see you doin the malteser trick when you ly on your back and try and blow the malteser and keep it in the air using your mouth

    lisa antndecsscottishlass

  • Hi Ant, Hi Dec just wanted to say you both looked very dappa last night and I think the best 2 went through to the final. I was surprised that Kieran the drummer didn't make it to the semi's cos he was really good-maybe next year. Looking forward to the rest of the shows and well done you two for being the hosts with the most talent !! Love n hugs Sandra xx

    Sandra Mc

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